San Diego: “America’s Finest City” Review

San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City” and when it comes to the restaurants it has to offer, it doesn’t disappoint. From the train ride to LA, to my hotel stay, and restaurant reviews I’m going to share my experience of LA’s southern neighbor, San Diego.

It was 4:00 pm on a Monday and I was leaving the valley to catch my train (Amtrak Pacific Surfliner) from Union Station to embark on my first trip to San Diego! My train was set to depart at 5:10 pm but when I booked my ticket I completely forgot about the LA traffic and missed my train by 2 minutes! Uhhh..luckily the next one was leaving in 2 hours but it gave me time to look at some of the restaurants I would like to visit when I was in San Diego. The top restaurants that stood out to me where Sogno di Vino and Hash House A Go Go (yes, that’s it’s real Now that I knew where I wanted to eat it was finally time to board my train to San Diego!

Once I arrived in “America’s Finest City” I was honored to stay at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. From the soft beds (literally felt like I was sleeping on clouds which made it difficult to get out of bed to tour but I’m not complaining!) to the room service; this hotel felt like a home away from home. I called room service and ordered the roasted tomato basil soup with a side of grilled chicken. Ok, to be fair they didn’t have the option where I could add chicken to my soup so I had to order it on the side and add it in myself. Just my personal preference. Of course, it’s not a 5-star restaurant but I must say for a late night meal after a long train ride, it was pretty good. I would give the meal 4.5 stars. In terms of the housekeeping, they had the “green” initiative where you only had your room cleaned when you checked out to save on water usage. While I agree with saving water I also agree on hygiene and I think they should clean the rooms at least every 2 nights that way they save water but still keep the rooms tidy. Something to think about Sheraton. This hotel is currently rated 4.1 stars which I believe to be quite accurate. I would definitely stay here again but opt out of the “green” initiative if I was staying longer than 3 days. I’m a clean freak!

If you’re looking for a nice place to have drinks and eat authentic Tiramisu then look no further than Sogno di Vino. This restaurant not only has the best house-made tiramisu I have ever tasted but their Caprese has mozzarella that just pulls apart perfectly in every bite. I can’t forget to talk about the customer service, the waiter was very attentive and made sure that there was always wine in our glasses which is key! Bravo! Sogno di Vino is the place to entertain colleagues or have a nice night out with your family and friends. I mean nice so be sure to dress up! It’s currently rated 4.2 stars which are fair if you stick to the regular menu, but to have the best experience be sure to order off the menu! Hint hint!

For those of you who like things a little bit more laid back and breakfast served all day, look no further because Hash House A Go Go is your place to Go! See what I did there. Their waffles are to die for and their servings can fill 2 people! I had to take 2 boxes home because I couldn’t finish it all. I asked the waiter what I should have and he suggested the Flapjacks Griddled French Toast. OMG! This was the BEST French toast I have ever tasted! The French toast is dipped in banana cinnamon and then served with fresh strawberries and bananas on top! Each bite took me to heaven and my diet was thrown out the window but it was worth it. Hash House A Go Go’s customer service is impeccable and 5-star in my eyes as the waiter brought me different syrups and paired my French toast with fresh strawberry jam. This restaurant is currently rated 4-stars which I think is a bit lower than it should be but to each it’s own.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my highlights from my trip to San Diego! Be sure to check out my Instagram for more pictures from my vacation. Stay tuned for more reviews and stories on my other trips. As always, if you have a restaurant or hotel that you suggest I visit, comment below! Safe travels!




*All ratings data are based on Yelp reviews.