Carlina Will is on Muppets Now on Disney+!

Working with the Muppets was a childhood dream come true! I will never forget the amazing time that I had on set from laughing with the crew, to meeting the newest muppet Beverly Plum, and of course facing my competitor the Swedish Chef! I also want to thank the Muppets Studio and Disney+ teams for entrusting me with this project that we filmed over a year ago! I can’t wait for everyone to share what they think and I’m very proud of my work. I would also like to thank my mom aka momager Melina for supporting my cooking dream from day one. Shoutout to K & M Masterpiece for launching my products in time and bringing my creative dream to life. To my dad and aunt Jennifer for showing me what courage is. My amazing friends who have always been by my side and my wonderful dog Oli who truly gets me. This has been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see where my culinary journey goes next! Hold on tight, this will be a fun ride! :)

Muppets Now Q & A: You asked and I answered!

  • What was it like working with the Muppets?
  • It was such a wonderful time because the puppeteers are so nice and talented! Honestly I fan-girled a little bit. I dont think they
  • Where can I find the recipes that you made in the show?
  • The recipes are here on my website. Just type in the name of the dish and it will pop up. Also check out my other recipes. They are so good!
  • What do Muppets eat?
  • That’s a great question! I would say good food for most of them except the Swedish Chef. I have no idea if he actually eats the food that he makes. I doubt it. 
  • Were you nervous on set? 
  • I was more excited than nervous. I’ve been cooking in front of a camera for over 5 years so I was honored to be able to share my skill set on the Disney platform. 
  • Who found out first that you would be cooking with the Muppets?
  • My mom. She knows everything that I work on as my manager and best friend. 
  • Was it hard keeping this secret for over a year?
  • It was so hard! I was so excited about the project but I knew that I didn’t want to spoil the surpise for the fans. That cats out of the bag now! I hope they enjoy the show! 
  • Random question, what did you eat for breakfast on set?
  • Oooh, they had an omelet food truck on set so I had an omelet with fresh fruit. Gotta keep my energy up for a long day. 
  • What’s next for your career?
  • I would love to have my own cooking show on a streaming platform and travel the world. Staying in the Disney family would be great but I’ve also worked with other companies who are just as amazing! My Cooking With Carlina products line has launched on my website so I pray that it’s successful and I can expand my line. Check it out! 

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