Be sure to Download My E-Cookbook! Features 10 of my Favorite Mouthwatering Recipes!

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited for all of you to enjoy my first “E-Cookbook” of many! I have compiled not only all of my favorite recipes for the holidays but your favorites as well that you mentioned in my comments section. See I told you that I read Of course, the recipes are all under 30 minutes because most of us are always on the go whether it’s to work, a party or getting ready for dinner. My favorite recipe in the book is my Butter Garlic Shrimp Pasta because the flavors in the dish are very exotic and this dish can be prepared for any event like dinner with your family or even my favorite which is date night! I’ve also included the Fan Favorite Recipe which is my mom’s Coconut Tart! At the end of the book my mom has a sweet message for all of you so please read on. I hope all of you enjoy this E-Cookbook and please remember to share this book with at least two of your friends, follow me on my social media sites and subscribe to my newsletter to receive weekly recipes! Thank you so much for being amazing fans!



Carlina Will

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