Each One Reach One Book Drive

Last summer our country was forced to recognize the racial violence against the black community that’s been happening for decades. Instead of getting angry, I choose to listen and the phrase I kept hearing over and over was “I didn’t know.” At first, I was baffled because if you turn on the news every day you can see the racial injustice that was happening. Then I realized when they said they didn’t know; it was because they never learned the TRUE history of our country. To combat this problem for future generations, I partnered with Young Black and Lit to start a book drive, Each One Reach One, where teachers can have access to books about black culture written by black authors. Several of my friends and co-workers have contributed to the campaign and I’m eternally grateful. One donor I would like to honor is Meena Harris (yes that Meena!) for donating copies of her newest book, Ambitious Girl. This book teaches young girls that whatever you put your mind to you can achieve it. Being “too confident”, “too outspoken”, or “too ambitious” should not be considered a negative thing but a positive attribute of who you are. I can attest that I still struggle with that in my career today and this book helped me recognize my potential and what I have to offer in society. So, the next time someone tries to put you down just smile and turn away because you will always know what’s best for you. Here are a few pictures and messages from teachers and their students on being Ambitious. I challenge all of you to start being ambitious as well. For more pictures and sweet messages from the students and teachers please scroll. Also, if you are interested in donating please reach out to me. Thank you!

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