Brigitta stops by to share what it means for women to be strong, independent and aggressive and reminds us that “Aggressive is the new feminine.” She also mentions the pressures that millennial entrepreneurs face when keeping up with social media and making it in today’s economy. Of course, we also had fun in the kitchen and made one of my favorite healthy smoothies to jump-start your day. As an entrepreneur, you need to start your day right which includes fueling your body with healthy foods. I’m so excited for you all to see it. Please comment on your entrepreneurial goals below! A transcript is available below for our fans who need it. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! :)

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Healthy Smoothie with Brigitta Benitez – Transcription

C: Welcome to the show! I have not only one of the biggest millennial entrepreneurs coming up in the t-shirt business… Ms. Brigitta! Welcome to the show!

B: Thank you.

C: I am so excited to have you here! I know you don’t cook, but it’s ok. We have a smoothie coming. So, are you guys ready?

C & B: Let’s get started!

C: Okay, so, first of all, I know you don’t cook like you said. It’s fine.

B: I’m sorry. I know but that’s why I’m in a cooking show.

C: We got a smoothie. We’re here to talk about your company, REDHOTCHIX. So, while you’re doing that, essentially what you’re going to do is just grab a little bit of everything, some ice. We have some spinach, etcetera, and put it in the NutriBullet. We’re going to do that.

B: Got it.

C: So while you’re doing that, I’m going to ask you some questions about your company if that’s okay.

B: Sounds great.

C: Alright. First, tell me, how did RedHotChiX come about?

B: Okay, well, REDHOTCHIX has a huge story behind it, but we’re going to cut it a little short today.

Video: I’m Brigitta Benitez, and this is REDHOTCHIX.

B: What it is… is that in the beginning of the year, I had a business and it failed. I’m gonna be honest. I’m not afraid to admit it because I feel like a lot of people are afraid to talk about their failures, but I love talking about failures because that is why REDHOTCHIX is starting.

Now, I went through a lot of hurdles, but those hurdles gave me the opportunity to see outside of myself. Now what that means is like, what else am I good at? What can I do to put my hands on something new that will also not only be great financially but to help the community in some way. And I thought that REDHOTCHIX was a great idea because I find it very important as a woman, especially a woman in business, to really kinda give that empowering message to all the women out there trying to hustle the same way I am.
For example, this wonderful woman right here. Right here, she’s a female entrepreneur here too! Look at this, I mean, she created this amazing show, which I’m really grateful to be apart of, just so you guys know.

C: Aww thank you!

B: Seriously! But, so basically, what it is is that I want to create awareness for women because I feel like we need a lot more of that, but I’m going to teach you guys a different mentality. As you can see, aggressive, strong, independent. We’re not feminists. We’re gonna be aggressivists. That’s the whole point of REDHOTCHIX, alright? Because I want you guys to have that aggressive mindset. Aggressive is the new feminine, girl.

C: Really?

B: It’s the new feminine. So, we’re going to start kicking ass out there. That’s the mentality that I want because I grew up as a jock, and it’s time for you guys to think the same way because it got me really really far.

C: I love that.

B: That’s the whole point.

C: I know you’re talking about women empowerment, etc. Can you talk more about being a millennial entrepreneur with the age? Can you share with us that experience?

B: Oh my gosh. You know, being a millennial is really difficult. I’m going to be very honest with you guys. I mean, I’m sure all of the millennials can agree with me on this because it’s just… we have so much to work on! Believe it or not, I mean, we’re distracted every second of the day. Instant gratification is huge amongst us. And I think it’s harder to be an entrepreneur in this era because, of the fact that, we are constantly distracted by, you know, text messages, “I need to get back to this person! Oh, wait! My Instagram photo… do I look a little fat here? It needs to be this caption. I need to get me caption ready before midnight!” or, you know, it’s like, “did I say something wrong through text message?” Or, it’s like, we’re thinking about all these different things. It’s so unnecessary! And I actually had to overcome that overtime!
Once I was able to have that incredible focus on what I knew was going to get me farther, I knew that… posting my Instagram photo next to like some beautiful house is not… it’s not going to get me anywhere. Unless I hustle towards something and actually get the opportunity to own that house so that I can stand in front of a house that I actually own!
I’m tired of the fake realities on Instagram and all the social medias. I hate to say it. Everything I’m talking about being a millennial is surrounded by social media! That’s basically our lives you guys, and it’s very scary and it’s a very difficult time to live for us because we have so many distractions. But the ones that realize that what you need to do in your life to get yourself forward is the most important thing, not what anybody else thinks, it’s that independence, that aggressiveness, and that strength to overcome that is what’s going to get you to your ultimate goal in life.

So, being a millennial in the entrepreneur business is very difficult. Anybody that can overcome that, all these distractions… man, you guys are gonna go so far and you’re all so capable of it! As you can see here, I created this, and that was because I literally blocked everybody out of my life. I had to. Because, we’re constantly bombarded with it, and it’s a very difficult time to live. But, once you overcome that and you realize, “You know what, I need to live for myself,” Man, it is so awesome! It’s rewarding! That’s what it’s like, you guys. I know I just focus on social media, but that’s what it is. I hate to say it, but that’s exactly what it is.

C: Yeah! Okay, so before we start getting, you know, the smoothie together and start, you know, showing you what to do… my other question, cause I’m going to do one right at the end. I’m going to save the best for last when we’re drinking cause, you know… we might sneak some bourbon in, just kidding.

B: I was going to say, are we popping that? You gotta spike that!

C: I’m not spiking it! You guys know me too well.

B: I’m a good girl, too.

C: So, where do you see your company going next? What’s your dream like? What do you want for REDHOTCHIX? Or, also, you can give the baby steps as well, and maybe about your next steps. And what do you see for your future?

B: Absolutely, so, honestly, the most important thing I’m focusing on with REDHOTCHIX and something else I actually failed on with my last business, was that I want to really focus on inspiring people. I’m not going to focus on the money because when you focus on the money, as an entrepreneur, you’re never going to get there because you’re focused on things that are so not important. You’re not focusing on how to develop your business. You’re not focusing on the good.

When you spread love, when you give that great energy out to people, it really comes back to you and, it’s like, when you’re focused on something that’s so unnecessary, which is money, honestly, money is really unnecessary. The most important thing in life is love and creating that atmosphere, that great atmosphere, and that great energy around you because it’s gonna come back to you in, you know, crazy amounts. And I’m focusing on inspiring women. That’s all I really care about, and I’m trying to write a book in the near future. So, over time, with my experience in the company, learning more about, you know, stories from women; other women that are my age, older, younger; I’m literally targeting everybody because, you know, we’re women, and age to me doesn’t matter. I can care less about age. I swear. Everyone is capable of starting anytime in their life.

For the near future, honestly, writing a book, inspiring as many women as I can; learning about as MANY women as I can because I want to hear what kind of struggles they are going through, how can I help them, what kind of advice I can give them; and participate in motivational talks.

C: I love that, I love that so much. Alright, so we’re about to, you know, we’re about to get started on this.

B: Uh-oh, are we going to get started on this?

C: We are. We are.

B: *scared* Me and food don’t mix.

C: I know. I know.

B: Just in my stomach.

C: Oh my god.

B & C: *laughs*

Ingredients are shown.

C: So we all know you’re not a big fan of cooking but you’re on Cooking With Carlina which is fine.

B: I know.

C: So I made it a little bit easier for you and we’re going to do a healthy smoothie to kinda go in with your company which also not only celebrates women empowerment and the new aggressive campaign, but we can speak a little bit more on the healthy side. Let’s get this smoothie cause my throat is getting dry, so… First, I want you to put in some apples. Yup, just go ahead and put that in there.

B: Just a little bit in there. So, you’re welcome to people that hate to cook. You’re welcome!

C: You’re welcome. Yes, yes, yes, but don’t do too much cause you have to put others in there.

B: Don’t get too mixed up.

C: And then, I want you to do, bananas…

B: Just everything, right? My favorite.

C: …fruit, yup. And then I have some spinach over here for you.

B: Absolutely.

C: Nobody here likes the greens.

B: My gosh. I do!

C: You do? I do love the greens.

B: Yeah! That’s what makes the smoothie, man.

C: Oooooooohhh…

B: Come on… Alright, Imma have to use my left hand.

C: We all love the greens. Ok. We support the greens here on Cooking With Carlina.

B: Absolutely, are you kidding me?

B & C: *laughs*

C: And then, go ahead and put some ice, cause that’s the most important part so we can cool down.

B: Ok… yeah, that feels so good!

C: It does. Right, it’s really hot and you just want to like… suck on ice, I don’t know. Put some water…

B: Yeah, I remember using these things so… it’s like a water line or something.

C: Mmhmm…

B: Sweet!

C: Alright, now go ahead and blend it up!

B: Let’s do it! I’m hungry or thirsty, whatever it is.

C: You’re thirsty? I got our wine glasses here. I got em here.

B: Ok. Oh my gosh. Alright.

C: Alright. Let’s go!

Blender: *blends*

B: *sigh of relief* Ok!

C: Ok, you did it!

B: I know!

C: Right?!? Alright! Let’s taste it!

B: Let’s do it.

C: And everyone’s like, “Why is it brown?” Cause there’s bananas and apples, sit down.

B: Maybe a little bit of spinach too, that’s why.

C: And the spinach, I know. So…

B: It actually looks a little bit like applesauce.

C: It does look like applesauce. Here ya go.

B: Cool. I think we’re missing something.

C: We are?

B: Yeah, a little bit of sugar huh?

C: We are missing a little bit of sugar.

B: Ohmygosh. So uh… honey? Yeah! This is really important. You cannot drink this without honey.

C: You gotta drizzle that on the top tho.

B: You know what? I’ll have you do it. You’re the professional here. I can’t.

C: You can’t?

B: I can’t. *laughs*

C: You see that? You add it.

B: Oh, man, that looks fire! That looks… red hot. (silent hehe)

C: Oh my gosh, we added the honey. Are you ready to try it?

B: I am actually.

C: Okay. We have to cheers. Cheers!

B: Cheers! Cheers to new beginnings!

C: To new beginnings! Alright.

B: Alright, let’s see this.

C: Mmmm.

B: Tastes very healthy, you guys. It’s really good. The honey was definitely incredibly important tho.

C: She didn’t put as much honey as mine. Mine’s nice and sweet.

B: No, I – I couldn’t do that much honey. There’s no way. *laughs*

C: Mmmm. So tell everyone where they can find your company if they’re interested in buying shirts or talking to you or booking with you for motivational speeches.

B: Actually, that’s a really good question. You guys can go to . It’s red hot chix with an X dot co. It’s not com, I thought co was cooler, but, you can contact me through there. You can contact me through my Instagram as well. Everything is REDHOTCHIX. Simple as that. It’s all ecommerce. Check my instagram, all the information will be provided for you, there.

C: For these amazing recipes, go to my website and you’ll find this smoothie that Brigitta just made.

B: Hell yeah.

C: And you can follow me @cookingwithcarlina

B: Right on. This was really fun, girl. Thank you so much.

C: I know, of course! Thank you for being on the show!

B: Love you, love you, love you! She’s a powerful woman!

C: Bye, guys!


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